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How To Buy the Right Down for You

Choosing a Comforter

Finding a comforter that’s right for you should not be a confusing task. For an unparalleled sleeping experience, you should consider these two factors:


To select the ideal comforter, you must consider such factors as season, climate, heating system and thermostat setting. Most of our classic comforters are now offered in three weights to best suit your needs.

Summer Weight: Ideal for the warm sleeper, warm climates or when the room temperature is above 70°F.

All Year Weight: Our most popular choice. This all-season comforter is perfect for year round use and for those who keep their bedroom temperature between 60°F and 65°F.

Winter Weight: Ideal for the cold sleeper, cool bedrooms, very cold climates and for those who prefer extra warmth during the winter season.


We have classified our comforters into 7 different categories, in order to help you easily select the comforter that best suits your needs.

Introductory: Our most affordable down comforter features a 233 thread count cover filled with 560 fill power white down. 

Classic: These classics feature a soft, 300 thread count cover filled with high loft, 600 fill power white goose down, guaranteed to provide many years of warmth and pleasure. 

Best Value: Opting for lasting comfort and value? The comforters in this class offer remarkable quality and sumptuous softness. A high quality white goose down with large and plump clusters, our 650 and 700 fill power white goose downs, provide luxurious warmth with minimum weight. Choice of 330 or 383 thread count cotton sateen gives the finishing touch to this amazing selection. 

Supreme: Exceptional superiority, the 700 and 800 fill power is one of the word's finest downs. Premium clusters of down deliver superior loft and maximum warmth with minimal weight. Moreover, our silky smooth downproof fabric is made in Europe using the exclusive SanProCare process-known to enhance temperature regulation, absorption and release of moisture, and superior durability. 

Ultimate: When only the very best will do; our most magnificent comforters offer unparalleled luxury, warmth and craftsmanship. The very largest, softest 920 fill power Canadian white goose down paired with a choice of Batiste lightweight fabric- or our 100% Pure Silk, Flowering Vine pattern cover, introduce you to the incredible lightness of warmth. These opulent comforters result in extraordinary comfort and promise luscious sleep for years to come. 

Down Alternative: Filled with Comforel, a wonderful hypoallergenic microfiber fill that offers down-like comfort, loft and softness at a more economical price than down. Perfect for sleepers who are allergy prone. 

Tencel Ecofriendly: The combination of high quality 650 fill power white goose down and a Tencel® lyocell cover offers you easy-care comfort that’s soft on you and the environment. Tencel® lyocell is a natural fabric manufactured from wood pulp from Eucalyptus trees, which is extremely silky to the touch, has a very soft finish and is noted for its durability, light weight and strength. 


Choosing the Right Pillow

Choosing the right pillow is essential to having a good night’s rest. With so many pillows out there, this task might seem difficult but is, in fact, quite simple. In order to decide which pillow is right for you, there are two factors you need to consider:


Your specific sleeping style will determine the firmness of your pillow.
Stomach sleepers prefer a soft, plump pillow that cushions and supports the head and neck gently, while allowing the head to sink into the perfect level.
Back sleepers prefer a medium density pillow that positions the head and neck in line with the natural curvature of the spine. Side sleepers prefer a firm pillow that provides more support and positions the head, neck, and shoulders in harmonious horizontal alignment.


Down: Down is nature’s premiere fill and insulator. Because down is so lightweight, it's one of the most comfortable and most desired fills for pillows and comforters. Down has the amazing ability to breathe, lifting moisture away from the sleeper.
The most luxurious pillows are those that are filled with white goose down. A down pillow is shaped for comfort and support and molds superbly to your head and neck. We offer 6 types of down. The higher the fill power, the higher quality the pillow. Down pillows last longer and hold up better than synthetic fills. Down/Feather Blend: Down/Feather-filled pillows are firmer than down filled pillows. They are an excellent choice for those who want a firmer support. Comforel Down Alternative Fill: A wonderful hypoallergenic microfiber fill that offers down-like comfort, loft and softness, at a more economical price than down. This fill is perfect for sleepers who are allergy prone.