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Belvedere Duvet Cover by Signoria Firenze - Maisonette Shop
Belvedere Duvet Cover by Signoria Firenze - Maisonette Shop
Belvedere Duvet Cover by Signoria Firenze - Maisonette Shop
Belvedere Duvet Cover by Signoria Firenze - Maisonette Shop

Belvedere Duvet Cover by Signoria Firenze

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The Belvedere collection is inspired by the San Leucio silk-making tradition in Caserta where the Belvedere Palazzo was located, near the renowned Reggia di Caserta. This is where the ancient mills were born and where artifacts in jacquard silk were created. These precious masterpieces are today safeguarded in the most prestigious places in the world. The elegant classicism of the design is enhanced by the 500 TC yarn-dyed Jacquard made of refined Egyptian cotton.
Available in Twin, Queen and King sizes, the Belvedere duvet cover is backed with silky cotton sateen in coordinating color and is neatly finished with a simple hem, buttons closure. Available in Standard, Euro and King sizes, the Belvedere sham has four flanges of 2 inches neatly finished with a simple hem. Made in Italy.

Signoria Firenze utilizes the finest quality natural fabrics – 100% Egyptian combed cotton, linen and wool to achieve luxury and durability while still maintaining exceptional design elements that will bring elegance, joy and harmony to your home.

 By following proper care instructions our products will enhance the comfort and style of your home for many years. It is important to remember, nearly all of our fabrics are made from natural fibers that can be machine-washed at home; however, please be sure to read the laundering instructionsbelow and suggested care label on each item for best results.

General Care Guidelines (n.b: please read the “SPECIAL NOTE” section)

Pre-Wash: always pre-wash new bed linens before using. This first wash is important for setting the threads, preserving the fabric's beauty and prolonging its life. Be sure to fully unfold and use minimal liquid detergent.  

For the first pre-wash please refer to the care label on each item and our machine washing suggestions below.

Use of a fabric softener (liquid or dryer sheets) is not recommended for any fine linens, as it coats and weakens natural fibers.

Detergents: Your Signoria luxury linens will soften naturally with frequent use. A mild detergent that is appropriate for luxury linen is recommended. Detergents with bluing agents or whiteners are not recommended. LINENWASH is suggested for tough stain removal washings.

Rotation: We recommend using at least three sets of bed linens in rotation: one on the bed, one in the laundry and one in the linen closet. This will afford each set proper rotation and a rest from use and a rest from wash.  We also recommend that you wash matching linens (e.g. sheets and pillowcases) together, as each piece should be cared for similarly, regardless of whether or not it is stained or soiled.

Shrinkage: Linens washed in hot water or dried at hot temperatures will shrink excessively. Luke warm or cold wash and low heat dry or line-dry are the usual recommended settings.

Our linens are sized to allow for 3%-4% shrinkage in length & width.

100% Egyptian Combed Cotton

 Signoria uses only the finest quality 100% Egyptian combed cotton which is known for its long smooth staple fibers which can produce yarns that are finer than other cottons. Bed linens woven with Egyptian cotton, combined with world renown Italian finishing techniques, results in bedding that is durable, non-pilling, soft on the skin, and easy to care for.   The various weaving and finishing techniques can also produce fabrics exhibiting different characteristics.

Our elegant Jacquard collections and beautiful floral or contemporary prints utilize Signoria’s sateen to   coordinate with Raffaello solid colors to create unique and individual expressions.